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Perfect opportunity; Motivation letter for student exchange program

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The essay for my exchange program. The reason why I applied to this exchange program is that I have a dream to work globally in the field of business and achieve Master of Management Administration in order to travel around the world with self-confidence. After all, I strongly believe that before I graduate, it is essential to have an opportunity to study business in a foreign university to achieve my goals.

The University of Edinburgh in Scotland, which I applied to, enables me to study a basis of business in English. Exchange students are allowed to do courses for native undergraduate students provided by University of Edinburgh Business School which has constantly ranked as one of the best business schools in Europe.

However, I consider that experience studying business in English in Edinburgh will make difficulty of taking MBA a lot easier in the future. Exchange students are supposed to be in the second year of undergraduate course. In the second year, students can acquire basic knowledge of business finance which is necessary for future career and taking MBA.

For example, the Principles of Finance course starts from the assumption of no prior knowledge of business finance and is designed both for those who wish to study the subject further and for those who do not. It is very interesting for me studying finance in Japan to compare the difference between studying business finance in English and in Japanese so I would like to take the Principals of Finance course and see the differences.

The University of Edinburgh also offers special program which is appropriate for students whose native language is not English. In Edinburgh, I will spend much time studying, but also I would like to willingly participate in activities out of the university.

The best time to learn is when you are young. Studying abroad will help to make decisions for myself, develop my own opinions and build up myself as a person. It will improve my self-confidence and communication skills. I'll become more experienced in dealing with people of different background and perhaps with different beliefs and values. This will help me to work not only in my homeland but also on the international level, like communicating with foreign costumers or even working abroad.

I have been a keen photographer for about three years, and as you know photography plays an important part in media-culture and advertising. This opportunity of studying abroad will not only improve my photography skills, but will also give me an opportunity to inspiration in creative way.

Galeria de Arte Cinematica, Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Serralves, Modern Art Center and other galleries and museums in Portugal will help me to understand better the cultural background and get in touch with Portuguese culture.

Russia is still a young country with a new heritage of visual communication. It is very important for me to visit and to study in a place which is just the opposite - a place with a rich history of visual culture of art, design and advertising. I strongly believe that there are no frontiers for ideas in the boundless world we live in.

I want my works to come up to the international standards and to take all the best from all the world cultures. Today borders between advertising as purely commercial product and visual art are more and more obviously erased. My goal is to become an Art director of a large network agency and to supervise over creation of advertising from negotiations with clients to its physical realization.

For this purpose it is necessary to know about all accompanying processes and to understand each of them. I try my hands at photography, photo retouch, video editing, video post-production and design.

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Free Essay: An exchange student is a student that leaves his/her country for a foreign one for a year, where she/he usually learns a new language and.

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Apr 03,  · Hi! Could you please check & correct my essay. Your suggestions and opinions would be immensely helpful! Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to apply for the student exchange program. Free exchange program papers, essays, and research papers.