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Purposes of Research: Exploratory, Descriptive & Explanatory


❶You may do this when trying to decide on a majoror when considering changing to a new field of study.

Definition of Exploratory Research

Purpose of Research
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Learning Outcomes Once you've completed this lesson, you'll be able to: Describe the three purposes of research Provide examples of exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research Explain how exploratory research can often lead to more explanatory research. Unlock Your Education See for yourself why 30 million people use Study.

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University registration and admission fees are paid and then the candidate does his research at his work place wherever he is employed. Finally the candidate submits a thesis about the topic and on approval of the guide the thesis is placed before a university panel that fixes a date for interview. Why can exploratory probes not land on the gas giants? There's nothing to land on; the gas giant planets do not appear to have a solid surface. If there is anything solid down there, it is so deep that the atmospheric pressures would crush anything that got close.

What is exploratory learning? Exploratory learning is a method of teaching in line withconstructivist teaching theories.

In exploratory learning thestudents learn new information either through experimentation orusing their prior knowledge and guidance from the instructor. Exploratory learning is an alternative to the traditional method ofinstruction where students are told the information and asked tomemorize it. What is exploratory clinical trial? Exploratory clinical studies, as defined in the ICH M3R2 Guideline, are those intended to be conducted early in Phase I, involve limited human exposure, have no therapeutic intent, and are not intended to examine clinical tolerability.

Exploratory approaches for first-in-human studies have been developed in order to drive the selection of compounds or targeted drug approaches based on human data rather than solely animal and in vitro data. What is a exploratory reading? What are the other examples of exploratory reading?

Some examples of exploratory reading are long books or magazines. Exploratory reading is where a reader gets very descriptive andaccurate measure about what they are reading. What is exploratory interview? An exploratory interview occurs when you are gathering informationabout a possible career, networking to meet decision makers in anindustry or profession, or meeting someone who could be of help ina job search.

Its not like a regular interview. Here you aresupposed to ask questions about that particular industry orprofession. What are exploratory expeditions? Exploratory expeditions are when you go on an expedition to explore, and you arrange the expedtion more independantly. What are exploratory robots? Robots that jump and roll. Pre-op Nursing responsibilities of exploratory laparotomy appendectomy? Patientsshould be NPO for 8 hours before surgery. If they are going tooperate on their bowels, they will undergo bowel prep the previousday.

It's also nice if they can take a bath withan antiseptic cleanser the night before. What is analytical and exploratory research? Exploratory research is when researcher little idea about topic and not applied previous theories or ideas.

What task does exploratory robot perform? How is exploratory marketing research conducted? A variety of approaches to this research are used, including use of secondary data sources, observation, interviews with experts, and case histories. Objective of descriptive and exploratory research? The objective of descriptive and explanatory research is provideinformation why certain things are done in a specific way. Theother purpose is to provide information.

What type of conditions is exploratory laparotomy used for? What is the difference between exploratory research and conclusive research?

What is the difference between exploratory testing and ad hoc testing? Ad hoc testing is a commonly used term for software testing performed without planning and documentation.. The tests are intended to be run only once, unless a defect is discovered. Ad hoc testing is the least formal test method.

The strength of ad hoc testing is that important defects can be found quickly. The plainest definition of exploratory testing is test design and test execution at the same time. Exploratory tests are not defined in advance and carried out precisely according to plan. What type of sensors exploratory robots use? Heat, motion, and cameras. Heat detects temperatures of life such as us. Motion detects movement of anything in the robots sight, and cameras provide the details of the exploration.

It's the question of whether it is possible to do research on a particular subject. Some questions are too ill-defined or based on information which cannot be verified objectively. What does exploratory mean and give an example? Exploratory is a type of dive that was famously used by the US Olympic team back in Jo Dee did it and won a gold metal for America.

What is Exploratory Market Research? Exploratory Research also known as formulative research that focuson the discovery of ideas and insights as opposed to collectingstatistically accurate data.

What is Exploratory Testing and when should it be performed? Exploratory Testing as the name suggests is all aboutexploring the application. It is performed in order to find out thedefects or application's breaking point. Many QAtesting companies offer this type of testing for validatingapplications which have less testing time period.

Exploratory testing seeks to find out how the software actuallyworks, and to ask questions about how it will handle difficult andeasy cases. Exploratory testing has always been performed byskilled testers. The main advantage of exploratory testing is thatless preparation is needed, important bugs are found quickly, andat execution time, the approach tends to be more intellectuallystimulating than execution of scripted tests.

It basically involves test design and test execution simultaneouslyagainst the application. Tester focuses on application's limitsusing boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioningtechniques. If you wanted to improve your sales, but weren't sure where to start, you might employ ER to find out the areas of your business that need improvement.

It's important to note that the point of exploratory research is not to gain a definitive answer, like you would with a math problem. You may wonder how you can explore a topic if there is little information about it.

There are several methods that are used in exploratory research. Researchers may use primary or secondary research, or a combination of both types of research. Primary research is data that someone collects personally, usually from a group of people gathered specifically for the study. Primary research is collected through the use of interviews, focus groups, customer surveys, or any way that organizations are able to obtain feedback.

For instance, social media and blogs are a great way for business owners to obtain customer feedback. Secondary research is the analysis and synthesis of primary research that was compiled at a previous date.

Secondary research can be gathered from marketing research data, magazines, old reports, or any other source where relevant information has been stored. Once upon a time, someone had the idea that the world was flat and that if you went too far, you would surely fall off.

We now know that is not true. We know this because of ER. Before explorers set out on a new adventure, they gather primary and secondary research. They look at similar expeditions, talk to others about their expeditions, and gather any data that will be helpful in guiding them on their journey.

ER is the initial research conducted so you understand where you need to focus your efforts or where to point your compass. The owner of The Cupcake King has many, many ideas for improving the bakery's sales but isn't sure which will work. They think increasing the flavors of cupcakes the bakery sells will bring in more customers but know they need more information.

They intend to conduct ER to investigate whether expanding their cupcake selection will lead to an increase in sales, or if there is a better idea.

The owner starts by examining prior research available on food business improvement methods. They hope that this will give them an idea on the types of questions and methods that were helpful to others. Next, they develop a list of open-ended questions , or questions that let respondents answer however they want.

The Cupcake King, for instance, asks respondents how they could improve the customer experience. The most common customer responses included comments regarding the location, the atmosphere, the length of time it took to be served, and wanting the ability to customize their cupcakes.

Get access risk-free for 30 days, just create an account. When The Cupcake King first started their research, they believed that increasing their cupcake selection was the solution to increasing sales. Conducting ER with their customers has provided them with valuable information on ways to increase sales. This exploratory research gave the owner more specific information about what their customers wanted.

It enabled the owner to shorten their list of many of ideas to just a few. This information will be used to conduct further research to determine how they can incorporate some of the feedback. In short, exploratory research is a foundation that researchers use to eventually solve problems. It allows researchers to achieve a better understanding of a problem or a situation.

It often leads to more questions, such as, how can I use this information to solve this problem? Chances are that you have unknowingly carried out exploratory research at some point in your life. You may have conducted interviews to find the best babysitter. Or, have you ever gathered information about different colleges? That is exploratory research. It is the information gathering stage. Let's review what we have learned about exploratory research.

First, exploratory research also known as ER is an examination of a subject about which little information is known. Generally, further research is needed after exploratory research is conducted. There are no definitive answers in exploratory research. Exploratory research often leads to more questions. ER may use primary or secondary research. Primary research is firsthand data collected by talking to study participants.

Secondary research is the analysis and synthesis of primary research. Next, remember that there are several methods that can be used to conduct exploratory research. Some methods of exploratory research are:. It is important to use open-ended questions , which are questions that let respondents answer however they want, to obtain valuable customer feedback.

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Exploratory research is research conducted for a problem that has not been studied more clearly, intended to establish priorities, develop operational definitions and improve the final research design.

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Exploratory research design does not aim to provide the final and conclusive answers to the research questions, but merely explores the research topic with varying levels of depth. It has been noted that “exploratory research is the initial research, which forms the basis of more conclusive research.

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Exploratory research (or ER) is an examination into a subject in an attempt to gain further insight. With ER, a researcher starts with a general idea and uses research as a tool to identify issues that could be the focus of future research. An exploratory research project is an attempt to lay the groundwork that will lead to future studies or to determine if what is being observed might be explained by a currently existing theory. Most often, exploratory research .

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Having a good exploratory research project may be able to help you find a new innovative product that will take the market by storm. Used properly, exploratory research will provide rich quality information that will help identify the main issues that should be addressed in our surveys and significantly reduce a research project’s level of bias. For the rest of the article, we’ll go over the different ways people can use exploratory research in their projects.