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10 Great Articles and Essays about Feminism

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❶Hernandez's interpretation of queer and feminist teachings via these four concepts and through the music video provides a unique look, into analysis of text and visuals to gather and form ideas and theory. Anarchy is What States Make of It.

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By creating an account, you agree to Study. Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Try it risk-free for 30 days. Clio Stearns Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph. Add to Add to Add to. Want to watch this again later? Understanding feminist philosophy can give students an important window into contemporary thought and criticism.

This lesson provides a series of essay topics that will get students thinking critically about various aspects of feminist philosophy. Writing About Feminist Philosophy Feminist philosophy is an approach to life and thought that sees events and situations through a lens of gender. Topics About Epistemology This section offers questions that deal with feminism as it impacts epistemology , or the philosophical approach to knowledge and learning.

Describe at least one theory of how women's knowledge might look different from men's knowledge. Write about the theory's implication for feminist thought as well as teaching and learning. Then, weigh in with your own perspectives as to the merits of this theory. Explain the meaning of feminist standpoint theory. Define the theory and some of the major thinkers associated with it, and then explain why standpoint theory is a crucial aspect of feminist epistemology.

What are some of the key attributes of feminist postmodernism? Who are some of the most important theorists within feminist postmodernism, and what does this approach suggest in terms of how knowledge might be accessed, constructed, or spread? What are the implications of feminist empiricism for empirical research in general? Give an example of how empirical research might look different when viewed through a feminist epistemological lens.

Choose another branch of epistemology that you find interesting. Write an essay comparing and contrasting this branch with feminist epistemology. Make sure you note their similarities as well as their differences. Write an essay describing the significance of situated knowledge as a construct within feminist epistemology. Define the concept and explain its importance.

Topics About Ethics Here, you will find topics that help students think about the implications of feminism for ethics within philosophy. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Select a subject to preview related courses: How would you define the relationship between feminism and ethics? What does feminism have to offer ethics, and what do ethics have to offer feminism in turn?

Use specific examples to illustrate your ideas about the relationship. What is the ethics of care? Historically, why have the ethics of care been seen as central to feminist ethics, and what is your own opinion about this particular construct? Describe an ethical dilemma you have experienced or read about. Interpret the dilemma from a feminist ethical standpoint, and write an essay describing your interpretation and opinion about how the situation ought to be approached.

How would you argue with someone who claimed that gender and ethics have nothing to do with one another? Consider your stance in relation to this perspective, and then write a persuasive essay convincing your readers that your perspective is the right one. Topics About Aesthetics Finally, the topics in this section will encourage students to think about what feminism has to say about the philosophy of beauty.

Pinpoint at least one major issue in aesthetics. Describe what feminism has to say about this issue and what the implications of feminist thought might be for how it is perceived and handled both within philosophy and popular culture. What are two examples of times in the history of feminism when feminist thinkers and writers have disrupted traditional or popular ideas about what is considered beautiful?

The amendment expires in , without being ratified by the required two-thirds of the states; it is three states short of full ratification. Supreme Court, in their decision handed down on 21 January in Roe v. Wade, decides that in the first trimester of pregnancy women have the right to choose an abortion. Stories of Black Women is published by Harcourt. Men, Women, and Rape is published by Simon and Schuster. Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics is published by Harper.

Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts is published by Knopf. She serves until her resignation in , marking the longest term of any twentieth-century prime minister. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Mankiller is sworn in as the first woman tribal chief of the Cherokee nation. She serves until Women's Flight from Equality is published by Addison-Wesley.

Feminism and the Subversion of Identity is published by Routledge. Bush and becomes the first woman and first person of Hispanic descent to serve as U. Bush and becomes the first woman to head the National Institutes of Health. Senate on 3 November. Attorney General when she is sworn in on 12 March. Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls is published by Putnam. Memoir of a Revolution is published by Dial Press.

Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment is published by Routledge. Freedman's No Turning Back: Opponents made repeated efforts to prevent approval and distribution of mifepristone. Catherine of Siena is born on 25 March in Siena, Italy. Catherine of Siena dies on 29 April in Rome, Italy. She is honored with a state funeral. Teresa de Avila dies on 4 October in Alba.

Jacobs is born in North Carolina. Anthony is born on 15 February in Adams, Massachusetts. A Story of Experience is published by Roberts Brothers.

Hilda Doolittle is born on 10 September in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Vincent Millay is born on 22 February in Rockland, Maine. Jacobs dies on 7 March in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anthony dies on 13 March in Rochester, New York. Dalloway is published by Harcourt. Wells-Barnett dies on 25 March in Chicago, Illinois. Toklas is published by Harcourt. Hilda Doolittle dies on 27 September in Zurich, Switzerland. When women attempt to mix their careers and family life, they are forced to make tough choices between traditional female jobs and more male dominated professions like engineering.

The avant garde of the whole notion of feminism is activism. Anarchists aim to fight against oppression and rebel against oppressors. Feminist anarchists are not always out to cause lawlessness but fight for freedoms. This is one of the 10 unusual essay topics on feminism to consider. It touches on attempting to understand the possibility of various types of voluntarily undertaken sexual obligation and the concerns it raises for sexual freedom, gender justice and autonomy. Each of essay sections should be well defined and written clearly.

This means you should know what details to include while minimizing the amount needed. You may need to rewrite each section more than once before settling on your final copy. You should also remember to proofread, edit, and revise as these elements help make your structure more solid.

Think about your details in how you want readers to view it from your perspective. Expository essay Stages of writing Study help Buying a plagiarism free sample Topics for an argumentative paper Persuasive essay topics on politics Good compare and contrast essay topics Creating a winning essay topic Writing a strong essay Great high school essay topics English essay example:

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Feminism Essays Words | 5 Pages. Feminism Works Cited Missing Feminism is the theory that men and women should be equal, politically, economically, and socially. There are many different types of feminism and each have a .

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Feminism is the belief in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. And it is the feminist movement that has been trying to give these rights to women who have been deprived of their equality and privileges that men have never given them/5(12).

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Feminist theory extends feminism into the fields of philosophy and theoretical ideology. The theory of feminism encompasses the fields of sociology, economics, anthropology, and philosophy. The theory focuses on the study of gender inequality and the understanding of power relations, sexuality and gender politics. Essay on Feminism: Feminism is a set of political ideas, philosophical and social seeking to define, promote, and establish the rights of women in the civil society and private sphere. It is embodied in organizations whose objectives are to abolish the social, economic, political, legal, and cultural inequalities, whose victims are women.

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In this essay I will tie the ideas and beliefs of Carol Gilligan with information from our text, the packet read in class and the book, Faces of Feminism. Carol Gilligan is a lecturer and assistant professor at Harvard University as well as a psychologist. Great articles and essays by the world's best journalists and writers 10 Great Articles and Essays about Feminism Great short articles and essays on feminism -- The best feminism essays and feminism articles.