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Explain how supply and demand interact to determine equilibrium price and output?

Number of Sellers

❶Confidence in Bank Money: Prices of Related Goods.

Prices of Resources

Supply Determinants
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Market Supply

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Competitive supply of two or more products refers to production of one or the other by a firm; the goods compete for the use of the same resources, and producing more .

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Non-Price Determinants of Supply. Changes in Production Technology. Changes in the Cost of Factor Inputs (Resources). Changes in the Number of Sellers in the Market. Changes in the Expectations of Future Prices. Changes in the Prices of Related Substitute Goods, and By-products.

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Learn 6 non price determinants of supply with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of 6 non price determinants of supply flashcards on Quizlet. Sep 27,  · AO2 – Explain the non-price determinants of supply. RENT TP. (Include references to 4 factors of production.) The non-price determinants of supply are taxes & subsidies, technology, number of seller, price of other products, expectations and resources. Taxes and subsidies relate to the cost of factors of production and if the .

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Oct 16,  · Best Answer: For supply, it's: Size of market Technology Other government regulations Resource cost Expectations Subsidies and taxes For demand, it's: Tastes Other related goods' prices Expectations Income Size of Status: Resolved. An explanation of the different factors that affect the supply of a good or service, including price, input prices, technology and expectations. The Determinants of Supply. Search the site GO. Social Sciences. Economics Supply & Demand Basics What Are the Determinants of Supply?