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To Kill A Mockingbird Project?

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❶On a sheet of poster board, make a collage that represents a theme, character, or an event in the story. During the novel, her house burns down, an event which she is strangely and remarkably courageous through, having even joked about wanting to burn it down herself to make more room for her flowers.

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Newspaper project for To Kill A Mockingbird?. So, for my english class, we have to create a newspaper for To Kill A Mockingbird. My teacher is letting us do 3 .

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Miss Maudie Atkinson's house was destroyed in a deadly fire on December 15th. The first snowfall had fallen for the first time since School was cancelled for the day and the kids spent their day playing outside and building snowmen.

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To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project; To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project. Words 3 Pages. One of the texts I studied was Harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird' this novel shows the different forms of prejudice in all their greatness. To kill a mockingbird has really helped me understand prejudice a lot more. Maycomb county news Crazed Drunk Attacks Two Children, Falls on his own knife Last Saturday night after the school’s orignal pageant, Maycomb County: Ad Astra Per Aspera, two children were attacked on their way home by a crazed drunk.

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"TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" NEWSPAPER PROJECT - Students have fun creating a newspaper about the events of Maycomb, Alabama in Harper Lee's classic "To Kill A Mockingbird". Creative and unique handout with clear instructions / expectations.4/5(54). To Kill a Mockingbird Essays - To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project. My Account. To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project. To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project Tom Robinson, an innocent black man, is under wrongful accusation of raping a young girl, Mayella Ewell. [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays].