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❶To this extent, the parallels which Odem's text draws between slavery and female inequality bear a shared relationship in defining America's gendered culture.

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Inspired by the zeal for self-discovery and recognition of the value of the individual that marked the period of their Romantic predecessors, Victorian writers became fascinated with the process of personal development in relation to external, environmental factors.

Meanwhile, the Victorian penchant for retrospection and nostalgia fostered both the writing and eager reception of such works, from straightforward autobiography to numerous popular examples of semi-autobiographical fiction. Typically, mainstream Victorian autobiography depicts a process of personal transformation mediated by an overarching belief in individual progress, and endeavors to describe a flowering of artistic or intellectual development.

Other works, particularly autobiographies written by women or by members of the working class, often contain elements of social critique and relate the author's efforts to affect societal change or heighten social awareness. These writings, which were eagerly read throughout the nineteenth century, have increasingly begun to elicit the attention of modern scholars in the contemporary period, sometimes after lengthy periods of critical neglect.

Among the diverse autobiographical writings of the Victorian era, critics consider several works as exemplary. Fictional autobiography and the autobiographical novel, respectively typified by Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus and Charles Dickens's The Personal History of David Copperfield , were equally well-received by Victorian audiences.

Together, the autobiography and the autobiographical novel represent an essential component of Victorian prose composition, and comprise what scholars view as a core element of the nineteenth-century English literary imagination. Jane was the very contradiction of Mr. Even when he is at his worst, during the final chapters, Jane takes it upon herself to care for him without thought of herself, and to be his traditional Victorian bride.

The heroine, Cathy, is the very essence of an unconventional Victorian woman. Cathy is wild, undisciplined, rowdy, and disheveled. She could almost be considered tomboyish in nature. I believe that the reason Cathy is as she is, however, is because of the influence of her playmate Heathcliff, who is a reckless, moody young man who brings chaos and bad behavior to everyone he encounters.

Isabella is quiet, neat, dainty, caring, obedient, and well mannered. Without the education Aurora received she would have never fell in love with the idea and writing of poetry. She tries to find herself and her calling in life with the poetry she loves and expressing herself. This idea of fulfillment through poetry gives readers the reaction that education can bring a higher meaning to life and the fact that the protagonist was a woman shows woman can achieve this as well.

With this she goes on to find her fulfillment in life with her poetry and would have probably never achieved this without the education set up for her by her aunt. Another big point that was haunting women of this time was marriage.

Married women had no freedom and were sometimes forced into a marriage depending on if it would benefit the family she belonged to or not. It was about gaining social status and basically left at that. Marriage also imposed many misogynistic ideas of what women can and cannot do within in a marriage, which leads into the objectification of women.

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More Essays: Victorian England. England was involved in many conflicts during the 17th century which ended in Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo in , in which France was defeated. Now England was entering into an era of relative peace, political and social stability which was called the Victorian Period.

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The Spirit of the Age: Victorian Essays [Gertrude Himmelfarb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. None of the stereotypes of Victorian England―narrow-minded, inhibited, moralistic, complacent―prepares us for the vitality. Essay on Crime was Rampant During the Victorian Age in England Words | 4 Pages The Victorian Age in England was a time when crime was rampant, people were .

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Essay on Victorian Era The Victorian period was filled with many different types of thoughts and ideas. The literature of the period rose ideas never heard before. After watching the movie “Pride and Prejudice”, I can truly understand the life of a woman in the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era in England.