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So pretty good price. After hitting the confirm button, a computer glitch occurred and the screen froze. I couldn't believe it and was in shock. We called Cust Serv and waiting on the line for 30 min. We went from being in shock to being visibly upset. We called back again, still being polite, waited another 30 minutes, got a nice lady, then disconnected.

Another 30 min wait, another person. She admitted the mistake was on their end and a refund would be available in 7 to 10 days. This time they apologized gave my daughter mileage to begin smoothing it over and said would give it priority. We asked for an email with the correct booking info and the correct price as proof of what they told me over the phone.

An email finally came. It still had the wrong high price and now shockingly they moved our departure day to April 9 without our permission to compound the problem more. I just happened to find this new error a few days later, now more in shock , called them and politely went through the phone wait cycle again, got them to correct the day back and agree to send me an email with correct price and date. Email received, corrected the date, still again wrong price and still no refund. Next day same long phone cycle She said she could not issue the correct email.

I asked for a customer service email. She gave me the email and spelled it out and I repeated it back. I sent an email to that address with all info. Waited days, no reply or acknowledgement.

Looked up Virgin customer service. She gave me the wrong email. Wrote that, instantly got an auto reply. Now many days later still no email or call back so while they receive all this, they simply don't care to reply.

I've been checking my credit card daily for last 3 weeks, No refund after 3 weeks. Yesterday, I called my credit card company and put a dispute on the charge, but only for the amount expected to be refunded so I don't lose the tickets we booked. Among the very nice people who tried to help me in VA, there now appears to be a general incompetence or unwillingness to refund even if it is clearly their mistake. This now is the worst collective customer service experience I have ever experienced.

Our dream trip in April has started with a nightmare experience dealing with this airline. IT is still unsolved now on Jan 12th for this booking. There is more to the story. Long story short, after two weeks of another set of wait times, calls, hang-ups, dropped calls, nice ladies, 1 rude man, I finally received the refund owed.

This is now beyond the pale and in British speak I'm absolutely gobsmacked by this. I have Celiac Disease and was thrilled by the way my needs were accommodated. I also liked the areas where one could stand during a long flight. The seats were also more comfortable than in some planes. I had a flight scheduled from Detroit to Delhi on Dec 16th at 6: I and my family reached the airport at 4: The cut-off for check-in time was 5: I asked a friend of mine to bring my daughter's passport and met him halfway to collect it and reach the airport at 5: The Virgin Atlantic supervisor at the check-in counter denied my family to check in and said we're too late and they'll work with Virgin Atlantic to book me in the next Delta flight DL 18 which was at They were able to find seats on Delta flight and talking to Virgin Atlantic to finalize the details.

After multiple calls with Virgin Atlantic reps and waiting for about 45 minutes the Virgin Atlantic supervisor told me that We could not go on the Delta flight because Virgin Atlantic refused to release the ticket to Delta. I agreed to take that flight and after waiting 30 minutes for confirmation my travel agent advised that Virgin is not allowing them to book that flight because Mumbai to Delhi flight was not Virgin Atlantic.

After another 2 hours they were finally able to re-book me on a Virgin Atlantic flight on Dec 21st 5 days after my original departure of Dec 16th. Had Virgin allowed me to take the Delta Flight at They have caused me and my my family financial and extreme mental anguish which should be compensated.

Virgin takes no responsibility and doesn't even want to discuss with me the situation leave aside. Very unfriendly customer service and utter disregard for their customers. I am a passenger needing wheelchair. There were four passengers needing wheelchair, one myself Business class and other 3 passengers were through ordinary class. I had baggage which was also quite heavy and I was not able to carry. In fact, I was ripping because I was neither getting any help from Airport staff nor from Virgin Atlantic.

Sorry to mention but this type of service I have never seen by any other airline. I have traveled by the other airlines also and would find that Cathay Pacific is the best when you land at Hong Kong, at the exit of the plane one gentleman is waiting to receive you with wheelchair and throughout they are helpful. Next best would be Emirates. I have traveled many many times and they are very very cordial, helpful and extend full cooperation.

Once I landed at Pusan airport by China Eastern and staff was just waiting to receive me and throughout they were very helpful. In your case this time when I asked Virgin Atlantic for help the answer I got from your staff at London Heathrow airport that airport staff is responsible and they are service provider not Virgin Atlantic.

Under the above situation I need to claim damages from you for suitable compensation. I have suffered a lot and because of back pain even I had not been able to work for almost 5 days. Thank you for your understanding. I have a long running dispute with Virgin Atlantic. I cancelled the first flight of an Upper Class ticket family emergency and Virgin have repeatedly refused a refund. They claim that because I missed the first flight they cancelled the return flight.

As I paid for two flights there is no reason to not return the unused portion or allow an alternative booking. I took up the claim with the CAA but Virgin refused to cooperate with them. The policy of Virgin Atlantic is a con. Virgin just keep all the profits and offer nothing in return. I am now pursuing a claim through the EU. The ticket was booked through Trailfinders UK who say this is nothing to do with them and all the fault of Virgin.

I flew to London Heathrow. Unfortunately someone else picked up my bag. But, that person returned my bag to Virgin within a day and a half. Virgin completely failed to deliver my bag to me so that I was on vacation for 10 days without my suitcase!!

The incompetence of unable to deliver my bag was unreal. The real horror of it all is they have denied any reimbursement for my 10 days without a bag. They claim that since someone else originally picked up my bag, it is not their fault.

What they fail to understand and this is where the absolute terrible lack of customer service, is that they held my bag for 8 days. Yes, I understand for those couple days when someone else takes my bag, they will not reimburse, BUT what about all those other 8 days!! Not only do I have clothes expenses but also cell phone charges because had to constantly keep it on hoping to get a good update from Virgin. I had to call them daily and incur international phone charges.

They never called me. Not flying Virgin again. She left at 7: The flight was suppose to JFK at 3: We had followed the itinerary that was suggested by the organizers. The flight arrived at 6: We had made several calls to Virgin Airways asking them if they can make some arrangements since the next Turkish Airline is the same time next day.

Virgin Airways employees had lied to us on several occasions, suggesting the delay is for the reasons beyond our control. Initially, they had told us, the delay was due to weather. When we had told them that can't be the case, they change their position to be mechanical failure. That meant my daughter had to spend at Starbucks for 36 hours. This is the ultimate of any parent. The entire time we were treated like dirt. If you a person of color, stay away from Virgin Airways. Trust, we know what we are talking what.

After booking a flight from JFK to London Delta -- code shared with Virgin Atlantic, when it came time to check in, the website informed us that we could not check in using the Delta website but had to go to the airport to get our boarding pass. Having gotten used to the seamless, smooth and technologically up to date world of Delta, this is a throw-back to the dark ages of technology on Virgin.

Travel is enough of an unpleasant experience that additional, unnecessary impediments are to be avoided. Last time we'll fly Delta to London on Virgin. My bag didn't make it on my flight on Wednesday and it was known before the flight left Heathrow - however - I had to find out by scurrying around JFK to find out what was happening and thereafter followed a long list of false information, no information and misinformation, which resulted in me thinking the bag was about to be delivered any minute and therefore I didn't purchase stuff and get on with it.

There is no ownership with any one person to help me get across this line. Virgin is treating me like no customer I have treated in my professional life and I think people should start to vote with their feet. They just don't care! We have been trying to use our air miles at Virgin for an upgrade.

All throughout Virgin site it boasts and brags about air miles and their use but when you try to use them it's a no. The site says you can get an upgrade subject to availability. In normal English one would understand that to mean that if seats are available then you could upgrade to one. They use this subject availability term all over the site - BUT tucked away in the small print it says that mileage seats availability is at the sole discretion of Virgin. In other words you do not get to upgrade unless we say so and that will usually be towards the fight date when we know we can't sell the seat.

Frankly we the customers are being misled to believe we can use our air miles easily which is frankly wrong. How many of us have not been able to use our air miles? On top of all this one must question the whole system of air miles. Presumably once the miles are issued they become a liability in the company accounts which means they reduce the company profit which means the airline pays less tax.

Over the years this liability must get to a very high figure which will never in fact be expended because we can't get to use our miles in the first place because the airline stops us and controls that expenditure. In other words it is a massive tax saving to the airline. Perhaps the Government should investigate these schemes where we are it seems given a gift that cannot be used whilst they get tax saving on that same gift that will probably never be used.

I have found that frankly I have been misled by the site and I am sure thousands more have too. The travel industry should investigate this too! My problem with Virgin was fairly trivial but it has revealed a couple of interesting points that might relate to some of the previous posts. Nevertheless, it is advised that you contact them two days prior to your scheduled time of departure to arrange for assistance.

They provide services concerning:. Feel free to get in touch with them through this method if there are any important documents that you feel they need to see, such as a medical certificate, or a special assistance verification document. If you are travelling alone, they can help you in making arrangements so that you can get assistance to get around the airport and on board the flight. They also have a team of cabin crew who are well versed in sign language skills. Nevertheless, you should inform the company six weeks prior to your flight so that they can arrange all the necessities for you to ensure your experience with Virgin Atlantic is as smooth as possible.

Any enquiries or requests about your Virgin Atlantic reservations can be submitted through this contact number. For example, you are facing troubles making reservations online, then you ought to seek for solutions by calling this number. Or you can also directly call them to place a booking. The easiest way, however, to make a reservation is always online. You only have to enter your departure location, your destination, and the dates for your departure and returning flights.

Then they will display all the available flights suitable for your requirements. Every month, your credit card account statement will state the number of miles you have earned during that month. The company will automatically credit them into your Flying Club account. You can call the number above to understand how you can spend your miles and points with the company.

Flying Club is all about earning miles and tier points by flying with Virgin Atlantic. We sent a message asking for information relating to making a flight safe for passengers with peanut allergies. We are still awaiting a response.

We noticed customers could also contact the customer service department on the Facebook page , the Twitter page or Live Chat. The customer service department call was better than expected. The automated system was detailed and directed us to a live agent. We were on hold for less than 3 minutes. We asked the agent for information relating to canceling reservations.

The agent explained customers must contact the reservations department a minimum of three hours prior to the departure of their flight. I would like to put a name forward to name virgin atlantic,s new aircraft.

I think the new aircraft should refere to where virgin atlantic originated from,and also the 2 hubs virgin atlantic has plus the capital of our great country. I can just picture a with London calling etched below the scarlet lady ,also wherever in the world this aircraft is what a nice little advert promoting our home destination. I would love to send my book over for Richard to see ,im sure he would recognise lots of names from the past. Dear Customer Service, I just can not say enough about your staff!!

I flew from Rome on June 3rd arrived BA 8: I said I think I have a problem and he said will I am going to help you solve the challenge…. Dear customer service, I think I started traveling with virgin air line with my family twenty odd years ago to date.

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