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African American History

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❶In , the Supreme Court of United States banned the separate education in schools.

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Please enter a valid e-mail address. Please enter your password. Get instant access to over , papers. In , at the age of twenty, Mae Carol Jemison graduated from Stanford with a double major. During college Mae learned how to speak Swahili, Japanese, and Russian. Mae was attracted to NASA's space shuttle program, which was opening up for women and minorities.

The new policy at NASA made Mae very excited, but she thought she was still not ready to commit herself to this goal. She was only twenty-six years old when she volunteered to serve her time to the Peace Corps; it is a United States Agency, whose main purpose is to promote world peace and friendship.

The agency trains American volunteers to perform social and humanitarian service overseas. Jemison was the medical doctor for Sierra Leone in West Africa; she was one of the youngest doctors. She worked for the Peace Corps from January through July Essentially, Mae was a hard working student and she served her own personal time to help others in need.

In , NASA began a major recruitment program aimed at finding new pilots, mission specialists, or non-pilots for their new shuttle flights. She had passed the first phase of the selection process and was invited to fly to the Johnson Space Center for medical exams and personal interviews.

In early June , the long-awaited phone call came; Mae was one of the fifteen astronaut applicants out of the two hundred thousand who had applied! In addition, she was the first African- American woman ever accepted into the astronaut training candidate program. She knew the astronaut-training program was going to be an extraordinary challenge for her. One of the most demanding things an astronaut must do was spend many hours in a mission simulator.

A mission simulator is a model of the space shuttle. In august , when Jemison finished her year of intensive training, she was now available for flight assignments. Clearly, Mae Carol Jemison's life was full of challenges, adventures, and accomplishments. In conclusion, Mae Carol Jemison was a hero because she was an extraordinary scientist, astronaut, physician, teacher, businesswomen, and a biomedical engineer who used her knowledge to help others; she believed and thought anything is possible.

She conducted many experiments; she was an extraordinary and audacious woman. She is a wonderful inspiration to others and to me. Mae never considered herself as a role model or hero, but rather as a person pursuing her own personal achievements; she has left an imprint on history. Through her story, I know I can dream and work hard to achieve in life and no one can stop you if you don't permit them to stop you from making your dream from a possible reality.

Indeed, Mae Carol Jemison, is a hero to be remembered forever! He was the grandson of an Englishwoman and a freed black slave, and the son of a slave father and freed black mother. He was allowed to attend a local elementary school, where he showed a talent for mathematics and science.

It was there that the schoolmaster changed the spelling of his name to Banneker. When Banneker was twenty-one, a remarkable thing happened; he saw a patent watch. The watch belonged to a man named Josef Levi. Banneker was absolutely fascinated with the watch. He had never seen anything like it.

Levi gave Banneker his watch. This watch changed his life. Banneker took the watch apart to see how it worked. He carved similar watch pieces out of wood and made a clock of his own; the first striking clock to be made completely in America.

Banneker's clock was so precise it struck every hour, on the hour, for forty years. His work on the clock led him to repair watches, clocks and sundials. Banneker even helped Joseph Ellicott to build a complex clock. Banneker became close friends with the Ellicott brothers. They lent him books on astronomy and mathematics as well as instruments for observing the stars.

Banneker taught himself astronomy and advanced mathematics. This almanac was often cited by opponents of slavery as evidence of African-Americans' abilities. Thomas Jefferson had him hired in to assist the surveyors laying out the new capital and the District of Columbia. The "Sable Astronomer" was often pointed to as proof that African Americans were not intellectually inferior to European Americans.

After the 15Th amendment was passed in voting was not restricted by race. With this newfound voting power African Americans could control the future of their country. Thanks to this, other rights could now be gained through democratic election and rise of the African American leaders who represented their people throughout the years.

Frederick Douglass is an example of one of the many black leaders, who worked as a spokesperson and activists for freed people. Later on he was a major supporter of Grant during the election of President Grant then signed the Civil Rights act of , which helped combat the attacks against black voters and to control the power of white supremacists.

African Americans also worked in groups to achieve their rights. An example of this can be seen in the newspaper article entitled Address by a committee of Norfolk Blacks. In this document it is clear how African Americans worked together.

In the document they talk how they deserved basic human rights. Also how, as mentioned previously, African Americans were part of the union army and they deserve as much privilege for this as any other soldier. They also mention how they should be able to own land and how if they pay taxes they should be able to vote. This quote further shows their desire to vote: The final role of involvement was African American participation in government. Many blacks took power in the government, despite continuous struggles against white supremacists.

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African American history plays an important role in American history not only because the Civil Rights Movement, but because of the strength and courage of Afro-Americans struggling to live a good life in America.

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African American essays Being African American has never been easy. White America has always been stereotypical of black people, although blacks have shaped American history through inventions, sports, and political science.

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African American History Essay What role(s) did African Americans play in achieving the “rights” outlined in this document by the late s? African Americans had an active participation during the Reconstruction era and worked . The History of African Americans: Slavery Essay Words | 7 Pages. The history of African-Americans has been a paradox of incredible triumph in the face of tremendous human tragedy. African-American persons were shown much discrimination and were treated as second class citizens in the colonies during the development of the nation.

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African American History I INTRODUCTION African American History or Black American History, a history of black people in the United States from their arrival in the Americas in the 15th century until the present day. In , million Americans, about one out of every eight people in the United States, were black/5(1). African American History Essay Words | 9 Pages. African American History During my early years of school, I remember being taught white accomplishments and wondering if blacks and other people of color had made any significant contributions to today's world. I noticed that television consist of all white people.