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Divide Two Numbers

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❶Wanna know if you can divide a number evenly by three?

Division Tips - Dividing By One

How to Do Long Divison: Step by Step
How to Multiply and Divide: A Guide

Therefore is divisible by six. To find out if a number is divisible by seven, take the last digit, double it , and subtract it from the rest of the number.

Check out this example: If you had , you would double the last digit three to get six, and subtract that from 20 the remaining amount to get Since 14 is divisible by seven, is too. This brings us back to the old halving trick we used with two and four. Try halving four times to get the answer to this one. Half of 64 is 32 and half of 32 is 16, then half of 16 is 8. Use the same trick we used to see if a number is divisible by three - it works for any power of three 3,6,9,12, etc.

If a number is evenly divisible by 10 it will end in zero. Simply remove that zero to find out what that number would be if it were divided by The last step in the long division process is to bring down.

This means you are bringing down the next number from the dividend that hasn't been used yet in the first small division problem. In this example, the number you are bringing down is 8. You are bringing it down and writing it next to the 15, which was the answer you got when you subtracted.

Now, you have a new number which is also the new dividend. Your divisor is still Now, you are going to do the long division steps again with a new problem: You will divide, multiply, subtract, and bring down. The answer is 7 times. Write the 7 on the quotient line above the 8 and next to where you wrote the 1. Now on the quotient line, you have Multiply the new answer you have from dividing, which is 7, with the divisor Write this underneath the Subtract the two numbers: There is nothing left to bring down.

Check to make sure the 18, the answer you got when you subtracted, is less than the divisor. In this case, the divisor is 20, so 18 is less. This means the problem was done correctly and there is a remainder of Next to the quotient of 17 write R18 for remainder of Let's put all the steps together to work one more problem.

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