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❶I'm about to find out in the next few weeks if they're enough for my cohort. I'm just wondering whether I could do it in a bit more of a differentiated way?

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I don't know if those are enough to help you but they might be a good starting point. I'm about to find out in the next few weeks if they're enough for my cohort. Let me know what you think. Thanks Nicky, that's helpful and interesting to know you're going through a similar process. I was also thinking about using a more structured log book this year. We sort of made notes as we went along but I don't think they were making notes about quite the right things, if that makes sense? They had a booklet which we did in retrospect in which I summarised the lessons and they did a check list of the strategies, mediums and elements used under each lesson.

I think perhaps I could use that as part of the ongoing log book? We did a sort of similar thing to you with the use of questions.

I'm just wondering whether I could do it in a bit more of a differentiated way? For example, I found that the annotating type ideas were more successful with the lower ability, and they really struggled to write in prose, even with structured questions. However, I found the higher ability were limiting themselves in these sorts of tasks. I'm just wondering whether I could differentiate this further to support the least able and push the most able?

Elrae, you have hit the nail on the head! For a lot of schools, they only really start to get students to log what they are doing when they reach GCSE, the idea of logging work should start in year 7 so that the stduents are already aux fait with the idea of what they need to and when they need to do it, they shoiuld also be using the language of the GCSE in their KS3 lessons.

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Gcse Drama Coursework Help | Tecnogasthai. However, the time allocated for writing help coursework in help to the amount of time given for an exam can mislead some students because of a false sense of security. The truth is, the coursework is as gcse challenging and coursework as an exam, although they are different.

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Students of our Edexcel A coursework in Drama and Theatre Studies drama develop a variety of gcse and theatrical skills - including performing, directing and critical drama - alongside an understanding and appreciation of drama and theatre in a help, cultural gcse historical context. - GCSE Drama Coursework - The script I chose to perform was entitled The Zoo Story and was written by Edward Albee. GCSE Drama Coursework The script I chose to perform was entitled The Zoo Story and was written by Edward Albee. - We devised apiece of drama with the help of the story that was written with words extractedfrom .

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What do I need to do? For your Drama coursework you'll be writing two Documentary Responses - the first based on Unit 1 Drama Exploration which will not exceed 2, words.. The second will be. thesis add custom sidebar Gcse Drama Coursework Help addiction definition essay where to buy good essays about huckleberry.