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6 Tips to Write a Good Assignment

Step one: Assignment

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How to write a good assignment?

How To Write The Best College Assignments
How to write a law assignment
How can help students to write their assignments?

Central to all legal writing is the use of well-reasoned and structured arguments. So , you must do a lot of preparation and in-depth reading and research work, before setting out on writing the essay.

Determine the stand you are going to take and find out the evidence to support it. The evidence should be strong and reliable and as far as possible, beyond doubt. Any views or opinions presented should be backed up by a support. Your argument should have the least possible number of holes, which can be attacked by a combative opposition. The premises and the conclusion should match each other. The premises are the reasons which you give for supporting a particular conclusion.

A wrong argument or invalid argument is one in which the wrong kind of premises is used to justify a particular conclusion. Sometimes it may be difficult to really dissect an issue but even in that case, it is better to present what can be reasonably proved beyond doubt. At the beginning of the essay or the assignment, it is good to introduce the key terms which may be used throughout the essay.

This would help the reader understand the thread of the discourse. Also, proofread your paper thoroughly. There are different standards used for the citation of papers and other resources used as sources of information in legal studies. There are two kinds of sources used for deriving information to support arguments in legal assignments- primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are the sources of direct information. These include statutes, reports, legal publications.

Secondary sources are based on information obtained from primary sources. Law teachers encourage students to primarily use information from primary sources for their research as that information would be more detailed, elaborate and precise. Use secondary sources where primary sources of information are not available. Overuse of secondary sources may lead to the danger of quoting inaccurate statements, and insubstantial discussions.

Hence, assessors prefer that students use primary sources as much as possible. Referencing is required to be done when you use external sources of information such as authorities for the preparation of the essay and especially for making specific statements. The incorporation of a bibliography at the end of an essay fulfills the former purpose. The use of footnotes at the bottom of every page fulfils the latter purpose. Footnotes are a very important part of the OSCOLA system of reference as they provide linkage to the evidence which is used to support statements that you make as part of your arguments.

Footnotes refer to the inserted numbers, placed as superscripts, at the end of a sentence in the body of a text. The number contains a reference to a piece of text from which information in the sentence is quoted.

The full reference is expanded at the bottom of the page in the notes section. Footnotes may also be used to present additional information, which is not directly required in the main text but provides support to the argument. Use of valid footnotes would increase the reliability and quality of the essay.

Footnotes need to be ended with a full stop. Footnotes can also be placed next to a term or phrase used in the text if required. References, when repeated, can be abbreviated. But it should be mentioned in the first use of the citation that it would be referred to in the particular shortened form later on.

In fact, even if there are errors in the original documents, those errors should be retained in the quoted text. Hence, there are many rules in this direction. All the Best with your law assignment!

By the way, we do editing too. So, if you are still not sure of your essay, let us help you. Guarantees How our service works How safe is this? Dividing the work in different paragraphs is very important for this purpose.

The only acceptable way of building your arguments is by using opinions and evidence from authoritative sources. Make sure to use either Vancouver or Harvard referencing systems, and use the same system in the bibliography and while citing work of other sources within the text. This is the part where you should show how the knowledge can be applied into practice. Each figure and table should have clear headings and you should make sure to mention their sources in the bibliography.

The outline will provide you with help in this aspect, so make sure to plan the work in order to keep it within the boundaries. The conclusion of your assignment is your ultimate chance to provide powerful arguments that will impress the reader. The conclusion in academic writing is usually expressed through three main parts: Adores writing tips for students. Passionate about Star Wars and yoga. Extremely useful tip for students wanting to score well on their assignments.

I have observed students who start off quite well but they tend to lose focus in between which causes them to lose marks. So an outline helps them to maintain the theme focused. Thanks for the information. This site has amazing articles.

Looking forward to continuing on this site. The College Puzzle A college success blog by Dr. By Lois Weldon When it comes to writing assignments, it is difficult to find a conceptualized guide with clear and simple tips that are easy to follow. The most important aspects: Outline and Introduction Preparation is the key to success, especially when it comes to academic assignments. Example This is an example of including the above mentioned points into the introduction of an assignment that elaborates the topic of obesity reaching proportions: Practical tips on assignment writing Here are some practical tips that will keep your work focused and effective: The importance of an effective conclusion The conclusion of your assignment is your ultimate chance to provide powerful arguments that will impress the reader.

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Step two: Topic research

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Step-by-step guide to assignment writing. When you’re undertaking tertiary study there are often a lot of assignments and writing to do, which can be daunting at first.

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Tips on writing assignments: Listed below are a few tips to writing your assignments. You may already be familiar with most of these points but it will be good to remind yourself of these points before you write up your assignment for credit.

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When it comes to writing assignments, it is difficult to find a conceptualized guide with clear and simple tips that are easy to follow. That’s exactly what this guide will provide: few simple tips on how to write great assignments, right when you need them. Some of these points will probably be. The purpose of a law assignment is basically to test the concepts and knowledge of different laws you have acquired during the course of your fast-tri-29.cfl to all law assignment writing is the use of well-reasoned and structured arguments. Check out how you can get much better grades on your law assignment.

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