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Exploring the Modern Computer Network: Types, Functions, and Hardware

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❶However, it has the disadvantage of securing messages only from point-to-point. What is Intermediary Device?

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What is Intermediary Device?

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Intermediary devices are third-party devices for performing security-related tasks such as authentication, encryption, and other functions. RAS on Microsoft Windows NT Server and on Windows Server supports intermediary devices.

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Intermediary devices are those which deliver data, for example a router that forwards packets and a switch that forwards frames. On the other hand, end devices are those which consume data, for example a computer or a smartphone.

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Start studying End Device, Intermediary Device or Network Media? (Chapter 1). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. End devices; Intermediary devices; Network media; Devices and media are the physical elements, or hardware, of the network. Hardware comprises the components of the network platform that typically are visible, such as a laptop, PC, switch, router, wireless access point, or .

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Wireless Access Points A wireless access point (WAP) is an intermediary device in a network that connects various types of wireless communication devices to connect with wireless networks. The connectivity is made possible through 'Bluetooth' and 'Wifi technologies'. A computer network is a complex union of various devices that creates a self-contained data sharing and processing system. Other than the computers themselves, there are various intermediary devices that make data transfer possible.