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❶How has your experience at Hanover prepared you for your internship? For my internship, I interned at the department of crime scene investigation at the Al Rahba city police station.

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Does the organization seem to be an active member of the community however this is defined? If not, should it be and how could this be accomplished?

How do the events either supported or put on directly by your internship site relate to the purpose of the organization? Depending on the sector for-profit, non-profit, or governmental your internship is in, how does the structure impact the ability of the organization to accomplish its goals? Consider layers of management, board of directors, volunteers, etc. How many individuals do you work with either directly of indirectly at your internship site?

How do you believe the size of the organization relates to their ability to succeed? Compare and contrast the mission statement of the organization with what you observe in the day-to-day operations. Do they actually accomplish their mission? How would you describe the culture within your organization ways in which co-workers interact or don't interact and how does this fit with your "ideal" employer? In what ways can you build a strong network with those you work with for future benefit? Describe the way in which the organization collaborates with other groups in the area.

Because three of the eight calls that have been received so far involve the death of people, it is interesting to consider the implications of this. Before coming to this job, I would have expected to be less comfortable working on cases involving death. However, to some extent, working with death becomes routine. I have discussed the topic with others working in the department. Most express that they have felt some level of discomfort at times, but that after working with the department, death becomes fairly routine.

One interesting topic discussed in this course that can be applied to my time working with the department of crime scene investigation is that of the importance of confidentiality and privacy. During my time working with the department, I have had to learn much about confidentiality limits from all of these sources. Since the legal system in the United Arab Emirates differs in some ways from that of the United States, it was important to make sure that I understood the exact scope of law in the UAE.

I was helped in learning about this information from both colleagues and my supervisor. In particular, my supervisor prepares presentations for interns on various topics. This topic was covered in one such presentation.

Ensuring that I am following all of these requirements can be complicated in some ways, but the importance of confidentiality is such that it is still important to do so. Another instance that has come up during my internship is that of how to ensure that interpersonal relationships are maintained effectively and in such a way that ethics are maintained. Various ethical issues can arise if such relationships occur.

For example, when interacting with those who come into the department, determining boundaries is important. Overall, the experience of working with the department of crime scene investigation with this police department has been valuable and useful in various ways. First, this internship has been useful in providing job experience, which I hope will be useful in preparing for work in related fields in the future.

Second, this internship has been useful as a tool in understanding concepts that have been explored in courses previously. Concepts that I learned in some of the first classes that I took at Portland State University have come up during this internship.

Finally, this internship has been valuable in creating a network of connections that may be useful in understanding this field.

As I continue into the following weeks, I hope that similar valuable experiences continue to occur. Based on previous trends, I predict that I will be able to become increasingly more involved in the work done by the department as I continue to work here. I hope that this will allow me to gain more direct experience.

Everyday, my supervisor has small presentations prepared on various relevant topics. It is my goal to learn all of the information from these presentations and to do extra research on my own if relevant. I have set a goal to be evaluated at a level equal to or higher than what would be expected of a full time employee of this field.

I have set the personal goal to be aware of new trends and information relevant to my internship. My current goal is a goal that I set before I came to this internship. Specifically, I wanted to learn as much as possible about crime scene workers and to have meaningful experience in this area.

How did you prepare yourself for this internship? In going through anticipatory socialization, did you actively pursue information? With whom did you discuss your internship? What did you find out that you had not expected? I started preparing for this internship by meeting with Dr. Daniele, who provided me with information about internships and opportunities abroad.

The Abu Dhabi police accepted my application for internship and assigned me to the crime scene investigation team for Al Rahba city. The various people that I talked to during this process gave me much useful information. Describe how you felt during the initial entry and probationary periods. How did you deal with uncertainty and conflict? During the initial entry period, I was nervous and stressed. At the same time, I was excited to start working with the department. To deal with uncertainty, I asked many questions to the workers at the crime scene department in Al Rahba.

By learning more about the field, it became easier to work comfortably. When I first began working at the crime scene department, the other employees were reluctant to assign complex tasks to me, mainly focusing on training. However, as I transition into the productive worker phase, I began to be assigned more complex duties, such as checking the car, helping with paperwork, and writing crime scene reports that are submitted to the main department.

As I continue working, I anticipate that I will begin to take on more complex duties. The purpose of the interview is to gain insight into crime scene investigation. In particular, the interview focuses on the Al Rahba police station, but also discusses crime scene investigation more generally. I selected two interviewees. The first is Sergeant Abdulla.

The second is Sergeant Rashid. He also did not forget to mention his career goals in this internship essay. Follow these tips, and who knows? Maybe your next internship will be with Google! Good luck with your internship essay , and be sure to check out our blog for more writing wisdom! I believe that your post on internship essay writing is invaluable to any student who is working on this academic assignment!

Thanks a lot for such help! It is a real talent to include some many helpful tips in such a short article! This is a real help with my essay on internship. Top Productivity Tips for Success. The tips are helpful… Bravo. Thanks for the help.. Thanks for the feedback, Nathaniel! This tips are tailored real good and educative.

Thanks for the feedback, Myke!

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Internship Reflection Essay - It has been a while since I started at the internship and I am really glad I decided to work here. I think the experience in this area is a good preview of my career and future.

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W Internship Journal and Refection Paper Tips EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Learning theorists, like David Kolb and Donald Schon, point to the conclusion that practical experience followed by reflection is a necessary component in completing the cycle of .

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Remember that since your internship was ahighly individual experience, your paper will also be unique, addressing those specific topics and questions that concerned you. This is an important means you and your insrtructor to evaluate and learn from your experience. Intern Reflection Paper The internship that I acquired during the summer of at the Greenwood Sports and Industrial Rehabilitation Center (GSIRC), allowed me to gain an immeasurable amount of experience during my tenure at this facility.