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Life Span Perspective Paper

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Life Span Perspective Paper Essay Sample
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What is Lifespan Development. The study of human development is a science seeking to understand how humans change over their lifetime Berger, The changes a person goes through as he or she grows can be linear-gradual, predictable, steady, but normally they are none of these. The common stages are birth, infancy, adolescence, adulthood, old age, and the ending death.

To define lifespan development is also to mention that humans in their lifetime learn to communicate, to work, love, learn from relationships. All of these developments go into the perspective of development. Lifespan Perspective of Development. Lifespan perspective is in relationship with human development, and is lifelong. This study within psychology is continuous. Lifespan perspective has three developmental domains. These domains are physical domain, cognitive domain, and social domain.

The next development has problem-solving, mental process, memory, perception, language, and learning from the cognitive development. The last developmental stage is psychosocial stage; this stage handles the personal and interpersonal aspect of development. The developmental aspects for psychosocial are: Lifespan development also has five characteristics useful for understanding any age of human development Berger, Multidirectional characteristics accounts for change in every direction, as change do not have to be in a straight line.

Academic fields can also contribute data and insights to human growth such fields of study are: The last of the five developmental characteristics is plasticity, which states that every person has traits that can be altered at any point in life, and change is ongoing Berger, These different characteristics come from different theories in lifespan development two such theories come from Sigmund Freud, and Jean Piaget.

Culture, genetics, and environmental influences play significant roles in life span development. An individual's life will be characterized by differing stages of development.

The life span perspective of development is not limited to any specific age or stage of life, which is one of the primary aspects of the life span perspective. This perspective is also diverse that changes can occur on a social, cognitive, or physical level Smith, According to Berger there are five primary principles that can be applied when examining the various stages of an individual's life span.

The first principle, multidirectional, takes into account the variations that exist in reference to developmental changes throughout one's life span. The main facet of the multidirectional principle is that change is ultimately unpredictable; therefore these developmental changes can go in any direction at any point as the individual progresses through the stages of life.

The multicontextual principle focuses primarily on the effects of one's surrounding environment and how these factors influence one's development. This can include one's physical environment as well as familial influences.

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Life Span Perspective Paper Life span is the time of conception till the day a person takes their last breathe. So many situations take place in a person’s life like reaching other developmental periods within life.

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This paper will discuss a person’s lifespan is from the moment of conception through death. Throughout my paper I will explain the lifespan perspective and development. I will summarize two theories of life span development. Lastly, I will explain how heredity and the environment interact to.

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Aug 28,  · Lifespan development is the time from conception to death as a person develops and grows; the perspective in relationship to human development is lifelong, and theories of lifespan development can be seen in Freud, and Piaget, while the influences of a person life is nature and nurture. Life Span Perspective Paper. Development begins at birth and continues throughout one's entire life. Individuals experience transitions as they move through the different life spans whether it is physically, mentally, or both.

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Life-Span Perspective Paper Tiffany B From the day of conception until the day of death, humans are constantly changing and developing. Most of the changes that individuals go through are common biological and psychological changes. The life span perspective "holds many principles within human development. In our earlier school years Newton's Law of Motion taught us that for every action there is a reaction (Boyd & Bee, )". During the study of human development we find that our changes are multidirectional.