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Romeo and Juliet

After the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt, Benvolio acts as a

❶Scene 2 Act II:

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William Shakespeare

However, after Mercutio teases Romeo a little, Romeo decides to go. First, Tybalt murders Mercutio. Than Romeo is so angry by this that he kills Tybalt. As a result, Romeo is banished from Verona and therefore from seeing Juliet. He is very sharp in his language, but perhaps too sharp. Kinsman to the Prince. He is a hot-tempered man and jumps into battle with Tybalt when Romeo refuses.

Tybalt extremely wounds him and Mercutio blames his death on the feud between the two families. When Tybalt kills Mercutio, the comedy of the play die with him. From now on, this play becomes a Tragedy. This demonstrates how Mercutio is a strong image of all that is childlike and cheerful in this play. Mercutio does not change dramatically in this play.

The only slight change a reader may see is when he is about to die, he yells: This may be pointed out as a change because Mercutio has never been so serious before. He has never said any disagreement of the relationship between the Montagues and the Capulets. Now, he seems to understand the damage the fighting is capable of doing, unfortunately, it was too late for him.

He represents freedom and makes the story line a lot more interesting. He is in fact an important character to this play and its success.

Robert from Artscolumbia Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one? Back to top [wp-structuring-markup-breadcrumb]. Mercutio then goes on to recite his speech to Romeo about Queen Mab of the fairies and how she visits your dreams. Romeo is presented in a way that he seems like he worries whether dreams come true or if they are just made up. This makes him seem more scared than ready for anything. However, at the end of the play you see his dream as real life as he does eventually die before his time, because of this happening it is able to prove that Romeo may be seen a psychic.

Also in this scene you see Mercutio also express his view on dreams and desires in his Queen Mab speech. He begins to describe Queen Mab, a fairy that brings fantasies to dreams. The speech begins very imaginative and unusual but changes nearer the end. This is saying that Romeo sinks because of the strong and heavy weight of love.

You can tell from this that Romeo is not enjoying being in love and at the beginning Rosaline does not love him and how sad this makes him feel — so the audience is being prepared for the meeting of Juliet and Romeo.

Romeo is extremely depressed and does intend to dance or be merry, which is the reason that his good friend Mercutio tries to stop Romeo from feeling this way. No matter how reluctant to going Romeo was Mercutio was able to get Romeo to agree to go.

Without Mercutio the couple would never of met and the play or Romeo and Juliet would not be able to unfold in the way it does. Another reason is because of Mercutios death it sets off event which then lead to the banishment of Romeo which then draws Romeo and Juliet together again. Not only is there comparison between parts of the actual play and film but there are differences with how they are both performed.

A main comparison is that in a play text the focus is on what is spoken and it is then up to the imagination to build on a character. Whereas in a film text the focus is on how the characters look and the colours they are wearing because this can symbolise what the characters are like emotions. Another large difference is, in the play the language that is used creates different moods, whether it be poetic, longs or short sentences they all create various emotions — for example a short sentence may be trying to build tension between the characters.

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- Mercutio's Role in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet In this essay I will be looking at Mercutio's character to see if the role he plays is comical or if there is another reason why he is in the play. Mercutio is the nephew of the prince and Romeo's best friend.

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In the play Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has created several memorable characters, aside from the witty, humorous, and theatrical character of all time Mercutio. Mercutio is neither Capulet nor Montague, but is portrayed as a very close friend to Romeo.

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Mercutio is an anti-romantic character who, like Juliet's Nurse, regards love as an exclusively physical pursuit. He advocates an adversarial concept of love that contrasts sharply with Romeo's idealized notion of romantic union. A Comparison of Mercutio and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet Essays Words | 6 Pages A Comparison of Mercutio and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet For this assignment I intend to write and discuss the differences and similarities of two characters portrayed in the play Romeo and Juliet.

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Essay on Mercutio Words 6 Pages At the time Mercutio makes his famous "Queen Mab" speech in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, he and Romeo, together with a group of their friends and kinsmen, are on the way to a party given by their family's arch-enemy, Lord Capulet. Mercutio Essays: Over , Mercutio Essays, Mercutio Term Papers, Mercutio Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.