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Patient Centered Care Essay Essay Sample

❶Transformational Leadership and Patient Care Quality.

Patient care Essay Sample

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Confidentiality is a crucial part of the doctor patient relationship. It is very important that a patient trust their doctor there are several important reasons why patient confidentiality should be respected. Second if this trust is breached patients may have a difficult time trusting doctors and disclosing pertinent information in the future. Some examples of this are for payment reason for insurance companies for health related services or benefits for research purposes for fundraising activities for treatment alternatives or when the law requires it.

There are however other times when situations arise where it is not clear how to handle the issue of confidentiality. Another example is in cases where a child who is the patient is being abused.

A nurse to make sure that patient documents do not fall into the wrong hands. Doctors tend to give the specific terminology that many patients do not understand. Nurses are the ones who explain what the doctor has said in simpler terms. Another discourse that can be included in the nursing profession is the ability to communicate with patient directly and to comfort patients as well as their family and friends. Nurses must be alert and quick to respond because they are usually the first people in a patients room.

By building responsive relationships with patients one will gain the respect trust and mutuality from the patient. This can provide the best of relationships between nurses and patients. If a nurse is alert and able to communication with patients on a level that they understand then that nurse has become more than just a nurse he or she has become a person with morals.

For each one to take on the needs, wishes, desires of others to be able to put aside the needs or wants of one self can be hard thing to do for some people. To be a nurse a person has to be willing to care for patients not to follow the rules but by explaining things making small talk with them being responsive and to be their friend.

It all starts with patient confidentiality and if patients can actually trust the hospital with their most personal information they will have more confidence in their nurses as well as their doctors. This is a reflective essay based on a significant incident while completing the practice hours for my MSPP course. The objective of this essay is to demonstrate my insight and grasp on the art and science of mentorship practice and the issues encountered during mentoring.

Moreover, this essay aims to explore the issues on creating an environment for Learning and providing constructive feedback. There are many changes might come with the people who getting old, normally their age between 50 years old and over. One of the most vital change is cell or organs start functioning very low moreover, the immune system become very weak which fight against the disease however, bones and joint getting faint day by day especially for Sometimes, the terms, complementary medicine or alternative medicine are used interchangeably There are few common accidents that usually caused by moving machinery.

Working with moving machinery can be dangerous if the machinery is in a poor state or the workers lack of proper training. There are some companies wish to get things moving along quickly, very often workers are asked to operate machinery with little or no training.

They think that this will waste their time Some people may think that issuing condoms to teenagers may be promoting sexual activity and introducing them to adulthood. The distribution of condoms to teenagers in schools can be very essential and effective in how they educate them about the usage and benefits of that contraceptive method. Condom is a barrier device that is commonly used during sexual intercourse to avert pregnancy and Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Patients vs Healthcare Opinions. The issue is so multi-dimension and complicated. Even further, there are a lot of ideological bents and perspectives that further shape and form the issue as it exists today. A significant part of the paradigm mentioned above would be the perspectives of both patients and healthcare professionals as it relates to the aforementioned quality of care.

Obviously, there are going to be some differences and similarities when talking to any large swath of patients or healthcare providers. The differences could be huge divides in some cases due to what is being expected being too different than what is able to be delivered given the resources or even the perspective or opinion of the healthcare professionals or providers.

While there is no simple or neat answer to how…… [Read More]. Patient Guide to the Worldwide Web Scenario. Atkins, 64, arrives at the hospital with his wife complaining that he has not had a bowel movement in over a week, and that he has significant pain in his abdomen.

Atkins has an MI which shows a significant blockage in his colon. Surgery is suggested and when this is completed Mr. Atkins is told that he has colon cancer and a mass was removed from his colon along with eight inches of the diseased organ.

It is then relayed that the cancer has also metastasized to his liver. The Atkins are farmers who have very little to do with computers other than checking weather reports. They both want to learn about the diagnosis and what can be done, but with their limited knowledge of the internet ask a nurse for help. The patient is very motivated to learn how to…… [Read More]. Patient Education Decrease Anxiety Undergoing Invasive Cardiac Procedures Annotated Bibliography In this case, one of the main areas of topic is based on the role played by initial patient education on the anxiety of patients undergoing noninvasive cardiovascular surgery.

It has been reported that the initial education provided by the nurses to the patient in relation to the noninvasive cardiac surgery helps the patient, as there is a great reduction in stress and level of anxiety in relation to the surgical procedures and the outcomes.

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. The journal is a complete online source for the information needed by the nurses in accordance to the procedures that can be used to reduce anxiety levels in the patients undergoing noninvasive cardiac surgery. These days it is important that the patients be taken into complete confidence by making sure they are aware of the procedures…… [Read More].

Care work or social work akin with any other human endeavor has a host of different perspectives that are used either in unison or in combination to direct it. Its dominant perspectives are the following: The whole works as a holistic whole and, for instance, the child's school can effect the child as much as the child can the teacher and so forth.

Care workers use this system in a practical way by forging networks between the different ecosystems for instance between child's school, community, and family and by drawing ecomaps and genograms for understanding the dynamics of…… [Read More]. Maternal Child Health Journal The study objectives were to identify the percentage of women who had been tested for HIV, explore the perceptions of women patients about HIV testing and ascertain their knowledge about their own HIV risk status, to determine the primary reasons patients refuse to be tested for HIV, and to learn what patients recall about how their obstetrician-gynecologists' introduced the topic of HIV testing.

The authors hypothesized that pregnant women, women seeking preconception care, and women with risk factors for HIV infection would recall their obstetrician-gynecologists recommending HIV testing" Coleman, et al. The purpose of the study was to identify if patient-physician communication about HIV risks and testing to pregnant women is consistent with current…… [Read More].

Patient Guide to the Internet. There is also relevant information for specific sectors of society such as women and seniors. The MedlinePlus Magazine includes several links to asthma information. The bottom of the page includes links that contain information such as disclaimers, copyright, and privacy information. It also contains links that provide information on the contributors of information to the Website. The privacy statement clearly provides visitors and subscribers with the assurance that their information will not be shared.

All the information on the site is therefore provided on the basis of full disclosure, both of the information itself and on information providers. This Website is therefore very reliable, and also includes information on a myriad of other health topics, which will be helpful for Amy if she wants more information on her other conditions as well.

Prominently displayed at the top…… [Read More]. I also added, honestly, that the family members who had changed their ways actually felt better on a daily basis, as well as had a better prognosis in terms of their health. This was the true essence, I stated, of "loving life" in my opinion.

I tried to make him see what he was going to have to do after his operation as a gain, rather than a loss. He would be regaining control over his health, and would feel younger and better. I tried to help this patient feel empowered, by going into detail what would happen to him during the operation in layperson's terms.

I could see that feeling in control was very important to him, and I tried to facilitate that sense of control. After the operation, I saw the patient again, when he was going to see his grandson who had had some minor surgery on…… [Read More]. Patient Management -- Heloma Durum Presentation and. Patient Management -- Heloma Durum Presentation and Management The patient suffering from heloma durum typically presents with complaints of discomfort from the formation of hardened tissue in localized areas of the foot such as the on the dorsolateral aspect of the fifth toe or the dorsum of the interphalangeal joints of the lesser toes Dunn, Link, Felson, et al.

While the condition is normally benign Dunn, Link, Felson, et al. Patient Access to Experimental Drugs Experimental drugs are being used in treating cancer and other life-threatening diseases in the hopes that effective cures and treatments can be identified.

There are however, ethical questions relating to the use of experimental drugs and this work seeks to answer the question that asks whether patients should have access to experimental drugs and to answer why or why they should not have this access. Experimental Drugs Experimental drugs have carved inroads to treating cancer patients and most recently; this has been reported in the form of a drug that serves to "neutralize two mechanisms cancers need to survive. This drug is reported by one individual interviewed in this study to have been used by a family member who died while taking the drug for non-small cell carcinoma in the form of lung cancer.

When asked the question…… [Read More]. Patient Nurse Compliance With Scd. Compliance rates for all subjects were averaged in each location: Patient Assessment and Analysis. Diabetes Type 2 is most probably on a poorly controlled diet of high cholesterol and high simple sugars. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is a metabolic disease wherein the body is not able to properly use ingested food because of insulin resistance.

If more simple or refined sugars are consumed, the less the body is able to process them as nutrients. These tend to stay and float in the blood stream, un-used, and in this condition, they cause trouble in the different parts of the body. These include the end organs, such as the brain, the eyes, the kidneys, the heart, and even the feet. A poorly controlled diet and the lack…… [Read More]. Role Boundaries in Care ork Role boundaries are a critical component in a health care setting.

Much of this is a response to how the system is organized. The health care industry is composed of many different roles that specialize in different areas and expertise.

Therefore, the individuals in the system must honor their role boundaries to ensure that the collective efforts of the individuals in the system can work together to provide high levels of patient care. The care experienced by Anwar Malik in hospital was defined by the collective effort that each individual gave to Anwar.

Each team member has a range of tasks that can be organized with various role boundaries. If any of the members violate their roles, then this can lead to the team's effort not being effective and could also compromise the level of care provided to the patient. Diabetic Anwar Malik was admitted…… [Read More]. Technology and Healthcare Demographics of the Global. Technology and Healthcare Demographics of the global community are rapidly changing so that each year there are more and more seniors within the population base.

This has a profound implication on the healthcare system of many regions since a large number of elderly citizens will be spending their lives in the confines of their home, and some may have chronic illness that require continuous monitoring. Clinical telemedicine is one way to offer greater services to rural or homebound populations. Indeed, a variety of technological advances have made it possible to change the paradigm of healthcare. Clinical information systems, for instance, have expanded in scope and depth.

Increased processor speeds and data storage devices have made it possible to collect more data than ever on the detailed encounters that make up the provider-patient care delivery process, and present it more effectively to a wider range of users. Healthcare monitoring is part…… [Read More]. When is institutional review board approval necessary for quality improvement projects? Clinical Nursing Research, Solutions for useful patient-centric EMR.

Performance of infrared ear and forehead thermometers: A comparative study in febrile and afebrile children. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 22, UNC Charlotte Web site.

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Journal of Health Psychology, 18 6 , -- Journal of Social Issues, 30 1 , How to spot it, how to reverse it, and how to prevent it. Nursing Management, 37 4: Public Law th Congress. Family Practice Management 16 1 , Swiss Medical Weekly , Mrs Briggs will be assessed using the Waterlow tool. Pressure ulcer risk assessments are recommended to be carried out on all patients, specifically within 8 hours of being admitted to the ward EPUAP, , p. The Waterlow assessment tool is comprehensive and encompasses some previously unused concepts of risk, but some of the sections are open to interpretation Papanikolaou et al.

Many people say that the tool has a high sensitivity score but a low specifity score Balzer et al Both of the previous statements suggest that some of the questions asked in the Waterlow tool may not be specific enough as nurses have to use their own judgement which can vary, therefore changing the risk score.

Waterlow is the most widely used tool out of more than 40 different risk assessment tools Thompson, Using the data collected, the Waterlow prevention tool indicates that Mrs Briggs is at high risk Waterlow, c. She is having difficulty changing her position in bed or in the chair and has limited mobility in her left arm.

She has also been incontinent of urine since being on the ward and it is strongly recommended that preventative skin care is carried out, keeping skin clean and dry National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel et al, Both of these things are taken into account in the risk assessment score which indicates that preventative measures should be taken to ensure no tissue damage.

Mrs Briggs should not develop any pressure ulcers whilst in hospital because that would be negligent care. Mrs Briggs will be ordered an alternating pressure mattress overlay and a specialist foam cushion as per policy waterlow,c. Preventative nursing interventions will also include turning or moving Mrs Briggs frequently at a minimum of 6 hourly, although there is not much evidence to guide us on the most effective frequency of position changes NICE, This suggests that having a nutritionally high diet is very important in the prevention of pressure ulcers, along with having the right mattress and detecting pressure damage early ibid.

Nurses need to consider all dimensions including psychological when carrying out certain assessments for these tools. Mrs Briggs will also be assessed using the inpatient falls assessment tool.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence , p. Taking this into account, because she is over the age of 65 which NICE states has the highest risk of falling, the nurse will undertake a multifactorial falls assessment. Using the appropriate multidisciplinary assessment for falls is the key to falls prevention and intervention Kenny et al. The results from the assessment indicate she is at risk because she is currently having difficulty walking, is on anti-hypertensive drugs and her clinical observations are indicating postural hypotension.

Her other observations are all ok and the variation between her lying and standing blood pressure will be recorded on her National Early Warning Score chart NEWS, Certain interventions will be put in place including ensuring that Mrs Briggs is wearing well fitting, non-slip slippers and that there is no clutter around her bed space for her to trip over.

She also must have her call bell easily to hand and a pressure sensitive alarm could be considered if needed. Drinking lots of fluid will also help keep her blood pressure up so she does not feel faint.

The MUST tool can also be used to measure the height and weight of patients that were unobtainable but can now be measured using alternative measurements such as using the ulna length to calculate height Todorovic, Collective subjective criteria such as loose fitting clothing or dysphagia is also used to estimate nutrition risk with patients who may not be able to give a history ibid.

Using the MUST screening tool indicates that Mrs Briggs is at a high risk of malnutrition because she is acutely unwell and may not have a good nutritional in take for 5 days. Difficulty in swallowing called dysphagia can cause implications such as an inadequate food intake leading to malnutrition Gariballa, She will be referred to the Speech and Language Therapist who will assess her swallow reflex to ensure she is safe to eat.

SALT may recommend a soft or puree diet for her. Mrs Briggs is managing to drink ok but if no intervention is made with her eating her nutrition may suffer. The dietician may prescribe some supplements if needed. Supplemental high energy density drinks such as Fortisip Compact by Nutricia could be beneficial as they increase calorie intake and ultimately weight Hubbard, et al. Mrs Briggs may also need help with eating as she has weakness in one arm. A food chart would be commenced for 3 days to ensure adequate dietary intake and then she would be reassessed after the 3 days, or before if necessary.

This includes multi disciplinary teams working together and also the patient and nurse team working together. Due to the stroke Mrs Briggs has slurred speech which is making communication difficult for her.

Nurses have to work together as a team with other health care professionals in a multi disciplinary setting so referring Mrs Briggs to a speech and language therapist may help her with her difficulty in communicating. Mrs Briggs will be monitored whilst in hospital and asked if she has any pain, in line with best practice.

She could be asked to scale her pain from one to ten so that the nurse can effectively understand the level of pain she is in, so the doctor can prescribe the correct pain medication if any is needed.

Assessment tools used in practice are an effective way of ensuring a universal baseline for good care as long as they are used in partnership with patient centred care. The tools used for Mrs Briggs have enabled the identification of a falls risk, a pressure ulcer risk and a nutritional risk. This has enabled the following interventions to be put in place.

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Patient Care Essay Examples. 11 total results. The Importance of Bedside Reporting. words. 2 pages. The Important Qualities a Health Worker Should Possess. words. 2 pages. An Essay on Patient Care. 1, words. 3 pages. A Reflection of My Experience of Caring for an Older Individual Nursing Process in Relation to Taking Care .

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In both the United Stated and globally, patient safety and quality of care have been among the biggest concerns in healthcare. Several factors are associated with negative patient outcomes: heavy workloads and high job dissatisfaction. Patient care Essay Sample. Patient Care. September 17, The Medical profession isn’t all about treating illness it’s also about enhancing patient care in any way possible. Patient care has a variety of benefits and all can improve the quality of life for both practical and vocational nurses and the people they care for. Patient care.

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Essay Patient and Family Centered Care Thesis PATIENT-CENTERED CARE IMPROVEMENT GUIDE I. INTRODUCTION “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo PATIENT-CENTERED CARE: AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME O rganizing the delivery of health care around the needs of the patient . Essay on Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care - Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient care Delivery models. In the nursing practice, the obligations of tasks of nurses are going to be affected by the changes in the future in the United States.