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❶Ariel is Prospero's spirit servant.


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Follow 6 Does anybody have any suggestions for the question- Discuss the role and significance of Ferdinand in the play? Any help would be great. Follow 7 Ferdinand and his significance.. All I can think about is how he is he the first male that Miranda ever sees apart from her father and Caliban , so he might represent mankind as a whole?

As she is cut-off from society. Follow 8 Prospero uses it to frighten Caliban into obeying him, giving him control that isn't entirely deserved. Gonazlo's utopia speech could also be referenced. It's largely the question of whether men are inherently good or wicked, but it also raises some ideas about power and control. Gonzalo's commonwealth speech portrays a utopian society, with everyone getting along and sharing the resources. He describes a society 'Without…Sword, pike, knife, gun, or need of any engine', claiming that there is no need for violent control and scaring people into line, as people would work together well anyway.

Naivety and innocence are also a way of keeping control. Both Miranda and Caliban are naive and largely innocent, and Prospero uses this to keep them both in line.

Miranda's innocence seems to refer mainly to her virginity, and purity. Caliban is also very trusting, a fact that is abused by many people. Act I, Scene ii, Caliban to Prospero: Act II, Scene ii, Stephano and Trinculo trick him with alcohol, and he believes them to be gods, a fact that they find amusing to exploit.

Follow 9 Original post by Joanna May 'Discuss the dramatic presentation of power and control in Shakespeare's The Tempest' Well I'd mention the magic, obviously.

Follow 10 Follow 11 Why don't you try talking about the dramatic representation of colonialism? The Tempest has a massive critical aclaim for being very readable as post colonial discourse, so it would be worth throwing a bit of that in perhaps? Follow 12 Probably the most important theme You could talk about how the coloniser in this case Prospero has much power over those being colonised Caliban through the power of language. And, in context, colonialism was a big thing when Shakespeare was writing.

Follow 13 Ohh, we did this in year 9. The only thing I can really remember having drilled into me was, the word Usurped. Follow 14 Fair enough, he's not overly significant, but the fact I'm supposed to write between and words in him, would kind of suggest he has some sort of role to play. Any help is much appreciated. Follow 2 Your teachers right it is a crap question. However, I have consulted my old notes and can give you some ideas.

Ferdinand seems to be an idealised example of romantic youth. He is handsome, courageous and noble and impresses Miranda with his good looks "I might call him.. He refuses Miranda's offer to help him saying he would rather "break his back.

This could be compared to the 12 labours of Hercules. He is a loving son as he he grieves his father. His betrothal to Miranda and his final words help strengthen the reconciliation of Prospero with Alonso. His also shows mutal respect towards Miranda by addressing her as "you" rather than the word "thou"- "I do love, prize, honour you. This is also dramatic irony. I hope this helps xx. Last edited by xXx Eloise xXx; at Follow 3 The fact that the question is worded 'discuss the role and significance Give reasons he's significant, reasons he's not and then a conclusion?

Sorry, I haven't read the Tempest in ages though. Follow 4 Original post by xXx Eloise xXx Your teachers right it is a crap question. He refuses Miranda's offer to help him sayind he would rather "break his back. Follow 5 Original post by stibbit Does anybody have any idea what to put for the question " Discuss the role and significance of Ferdinand in the play "? Prospero is the central character in the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

He is a powerful magician and a scholar who lives on an island with his daughter, Miranda. Twelve years before the What role does the storm play in the development of the plot? The violent sea storm—the tempest of the title—is the catalyst for what happens in the play.

It's the storm that brings the royal party to Prospero's island, where all the action takes place Ariel is a character in The Tempest by William Shakespeare. He is not human but rather a magical being, a type of air spirit. His gender is actually somewhat ambiguous.

Compare the character of Sebastian with that of Gonzalo. Sebastian is Alonso's brother, who helped Antonio take Prospero's title of Duke of Milan before being shipwrecked on the magical island. Sebastian is also interested in usurping Alonso's title and How would you describe the moods of Alonso, Gonzalo, Antonio, and Sebastian during scene 1? The mood of the VIP passengers aboard ship is initially one of fear and trepidation.

And with good reason, too. The ship is being buffeted by a violent storm—whipped up by Prospero, no less.

What does the boatswain say just before the comment about royal people? It's the opening scene of The Tempest, and the royal party's ship is being battered and buffeted by a violent storm whipped up by the vengeful Prospero. The most important nobles aboard the ship What decision do Ferdinand and Miranda make during their conversation? During their conversation in 3.

It actually seems less like a decision and more like an impulsive reaction to discovering the other's love, however Why does Prospero reward Ferdinand? In addition to the suspicion many fathers feel concerning the general unworthiness of any men aspiring to marry their daughters, Prospero is prejudiced against Ferdinand because Ferdinand is the What influenced Shakespeare to write The Tempest?

Throughout his career as a poet and playwright, William Shakespeare was no stranger to utilizing various forms of real-life Richard III, Julius Caesar and artistic inspiration for his work. Who are the royal people abroad the ship? The play opens with a violent sea storm—the tempest of the title. A ship carrying several noble personages is being battered and buffeted by the crashing waves and howling wind.

How can you say from act I scene 1 that Shakespeare had a sound knowledge of a ship at sea? I do not think that whether or not Shakespeare had a sound knowledge of a ship at sea can be stated with a great deal of confidence based on act 1, scene 1.

Most of the scene is made up of drama What did Prospero do with his magical books and wand? Most of the magic that is referenced in Shakespeare's The Tempest is good magic, or "white magic," which is ultimately used to promote good rather than to harm.

Prospero, the Duke of Milan, uses What makes Gonzalo feel uncomfortable despite the storm? In the exciting opening scene of the play, the King of Naples and his group of nobles struggle to survive the violent tempest that threatens to sink their ship.

As the Boatswain attempts to rouse What has Miranda seen that makes her suffer? Miranda explains to her father, Prospero, in act 1, scene 2 of the play that she is suffering because of what has happened to those whose ship has been caught in the storm.

What does Prospero feel entitled to in The Tempest? Prospero in The Tempest seems to feel that he is entitled to a lot of things. The actions that he takes to stir up the tempest and begin the action of the play are all for the purpose of taking Ariel is a spirit of the air in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

When the banished Prospero first arrives on his island exile, he discovers that Ariel has been imprisoned in a pine tree by the evil witch Miranda's appeal lies in her sweet innocence, gentle nature, and pure, unselfish love for When Ferdinand first sees Miranda in act 1, scene 2, of Shakespeare's The Tempest, he mistakes her for a goddess of the isle on which he has been shipwrecked.

He is shocked to see another living Who wants power in The Tempest? More than anyone else in The Tempest, it's Prospero who strives for power of one sort or another. It was a loss of power that led to Prospero being banished to a remote island. Back home, he was Why is Prospero overthrown?

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Related Documents: The Tempest Coursework Essay Tempest: The Tempest and Caliban Essays. Analyzing Shakespeare’s The Tempest Joseph Warton’s literary criticism, “Observations on the Tempest of Shakespeare”, praises Shakespeare’s creativity and poeticism. Reading the criticism gave me a new appreciation of the beauty behind Shakespeare.

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Free coursework on The Tempest from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing. Full Glossary for The Tempest; Essay Questions; Study Help Essay Questions Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List. 1. How does Prospero's magic differ from that of the witch, Sycorax? 2. Prospero's need for revenge could easily have led to tragedy. Compare.