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❶You can list a bare-bones work history at the bottom of your resume, but only after you've emphasized the relevant skills; this de-emphasizes the dates. And instead of thinking of yourself as old and unemployed, instead know that you are wise and wonderful, and any employer would be lucky to have you!

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That information can be supplied to an employer if it is needed later on. Also, keep in mind that your education becomes less of a highlight on the resume for most employers when you have five or more professional year of experience in the particular field. This should be on the lower part of your resume.

Most employers focus on the most recent five years of experience so if you have experience that dates back to 20 years ago, it may do you more harm than good, especially if it is irrelevant to the position you are applying for.

Technical skills should be specific to the field, such as unique programs and applications for the profession. Listing programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint will not impress employers; these have become standard programs in most workplaces where employers expect employees to know them — and to use them well.

Do not list skills that are outdated; listing dBase3 immediately shows your age. Do not include a section on technical skills to your resume unless it is unique to the field, such as a graphic design program for designers or SAP for accounting and finance.

Also if you do list any technical skills, help the employer understand how adept you are by highlighting what you have done and achieved with it. If you want to cut your job search time and make sure your resume is noticed, then check out our Resume Writing Service. Get a Free Resume Evaluation or call me at Optimizing Your Resume With Keywords. We've recently updated our Privacy Policy. The Site is provided in the United States of America and our policies are directed at compliance with the laws of the United States of America and its constituent jurisdictions.

If you are uncertain whether this Privacy Policy conflicts with the applicable local privacy laws where you are located, you should not submit Personal Information to us. Contact Details Every resume is complete with contact information such as your name, address and mode of communication. Two years of work with newly developed tools for rapid e-learning development. Special skills in online training for a variety of audiences.

Recognized for alignment of training solutions with business goals, management of projects and people, process improvement, needs analysis and training evaluation.

Directed designers and web developers in creating e-learning, in-store and classroom-based training for product rollouts. Introduced e-learning as an effective tool for store owner product training, saving thousands of print dollars with each product roll-out. Provided e-learning and paper-based training solutions to a variety of clients including Company A, Company B and Company C.

Directed a multi-disciplinary team of 15 that designed and developed more than courses for Learn It Now, a major Web-based training company. Once you've looked at the resume above, you may want to check out resume tips for some more suggestions. Because resumes differ based on the specific industry or even the specific job, look at the job-specific resume examples we've provided. And do your homework.

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Resume tips for older workers with skills to spare make sure you include keywords from the job description in your resume.” This will help you stand out to recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for a very specific skill set, G et a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service. You'll get.

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Older Worker's Resume—50+ Resume If you're 50 or older and looking for a job, you probably have some questions about how this whole resume process applies to you. If you plan to write a resume yourself it can be intimidating, but here are some tips directed at the older worker.

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Writing the perfect resume is never easy and this task can be even more of a challenge for older workers. If you are over 40 and searching for a job, these resume tips for older workers can help you get your foot in the door. We've rounded up insider secrets and advice from resume experts, HR professionals, career coaches and other experts from across the country. The following resume writing tips for older job seekers will help market your candidacy and showcase your skills to employers. Limit Your Related Experience. Limit the related experience (related to the job you are applying for) you include on your resume to 10 - 15 years, leaving older jobs off your resume .

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4 Résumé Tips for Older Workers careers, second careers, aging, resumes. Recommended Articles Advice for Older Job Seekers Industry societies help workers learn, network and gain. Downplay work experience and highlight skills and qualifications with this printable resume for an older worker. Free to download and print Resume For Older Worker.