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6 Ways to Handle Employment Gaps on Your Resume

Resume Formats

❶Coincidentally, my boyfriend is also starting his new job on January 4th. Start page two with the previous position.

Explaining the gaps

how much do resume gaps matter?
Explaining Gaps in Employment Examples
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With that in mind, try to de-emphasize small gaps, and quickly explain larger periods away from the workplace. How you do that will likely depend upon the reason for the gap, and what you accomplished in your time off. Here are two examples of the types of explanations that might be useful for your unique situation. In this situation you should mention the that you took time off to care for a child but also mention something productive you did that would help your career.

This could be taking additional courses or studying a relevant subject. You can even add relevant interests and activities from your time off. Here are some more useful cover letter tips for maternity leave. We wrote a good post here on how to deal with employments gaps on your resume due to a disability. Many ask how to deal with gaps on their resume regarding depression. Just mention that you were dealing with an illness. You should be cognizant of the need to deal with work gaps, but not to the point where it paralyzes you and prevents you from focusing on the skills and positive attributes you bring to the table.

While companies of the past once hired and retained employees for life, that is a far less common occurrence today. Most workers today have career paths that include a variety of different jobs.

Still, there is a need to explain frequent gaps, and gaps that last for more than a few months. Explain them in a confident manner, and then get on with the more important task of selling your skill set to that employer! Good luck with your job search. Zipjob offers professional resume services that are guaranteed to land you more interviews.

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Skip to main content. Navigation Toggle hidden item. Is Travel Time Covered? Coast Guard Regulations U. Writing a Resume Resume Formats Chronological Resume The chronological resume is designed to present your employment information by date, beginning with the most recent position.

Functional Resume The functional resume is a skills-based resume. A resume shows a prospective employer: Here are some simple rules to follow when designing your resume: State a specific career objective near the beginning of your resume.

Explain specific duties for each position listed — paid and unpaid. Include individual accomplishments from each position. Detail significant responsibilities for each position. Do not leave large, unexplained gaps in your employment history.

Make sure your resume is neat and professional. Do not list salary requirements. Do not include negative information or statements. Identifying Information At the top of the resume type your name, address and telephone number s , including area code.

Statement of Objective The purpose of the statement of your objective is to help focus and direct your resume. The objective can be presented in a variety of ways including a statement of: Examples of a statement of your objective: Affiliations, Licenses, Community Service This information should be listed if it is relevant to your career choice, the job you are seeking, or if you have gained relevant knowledge, skills, or experiences from your involvement.

In an interview, an explanation is always better than simply ignoring them. Having an explanation will help avoid leaving employers to draw their own conclusions. Take the time to practice your response to, "What were you doing during this time off or between jobs? Here are a couple of examples:. A well-thought-out response may also boost your confidence and ability to answer any difficult questions with ease. Remember to keep a positive attitude when writing your resume or during a job interview.

Questions about employment gaps are not a sign that you're not qualified for a job. Instead, think of these questions as an opportunity to share the experience you do have, whether it's from past jobs, volunteer work or other experiences, and how it would make you an asset to the employer.

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When you have employment gaps that don't fit on your resume (you took time off to care for an aged parent or to raise a child) you can use your cover letter to explain the gap. However, you don't need to bring it to the employer's attention.

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This is a big one. Lying about your resume gap is a really, really bad idea. Employers can easily verify your career history, and lying about it can be grounds for dismissal if you do manage to get the job. You don’t want that hanging over your head. Don’t try to fake .

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One of the best ways to deal with employment gaps is to make sure that you use the right resume format. In instances where you have a number of gaps, the functional resume is ideal. That’s because it focuses on your actual skills and abilities rather than your detailed work history. Some people leave gaps on their resume and hope to be able to explain any gaps in their employment history in an interview. But that might prevent you from even getting to an interview stage. The takeaway is this: It's important to acknowledge gaps in employment history up front, in a resume or on LinkedIn.

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How to Explain the Gap in Your Resume With Ease: Worried what employers will think about a gap i You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Resume Employment Gaps You don't want to be passed over for an interview because you have been out of work for an extended period or you held a job that wasn't related to your career. Working at a job that is not related to your industry would also be considered a gap, even it you had no lapse in employment.